​I am a Consultant, Editor, Author and Advisor, working in a number of areas:

Subject Matter Expert: Advising investors on the UK Water Industry, UK water regulation, trends and challenges, global green jobs and environmental policy and regulation

Publications and Green Careers: I manage the Env.Careers website and authored the 2022 book Global Environmental Careers - The Worldwide Green Jobs Resource for Wiley. 

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As a Book Series Editor, I am seeking book proposals across the global environment, science and engineering sector for major global publishers. Please contact me if you have any book ideas.

​I developed and manage book series for Wiley on Innovation in Environmental Management and Monitoring and Challenges in Water Management.

I have developed a Book Shop called Yellowfish Books - an online book shop for book lovers by book lovers.

Advice and Consulting: I consult in policy and technical regulations, policy development, implementation and reporting. This work covers environmental, business and economics areas. I help businesses with their work policies and procedures in areas such as sustainability, office management and HR.

I have significant experience of environment sector recruiting, developing staff and advising and mentoring people seeking to develop a career in the environment sector.

I am a Technical and Scientific Copywriter and Proofreader, working on content for books, magazines, conferences, exhibitions, press releases and reports.